Unlock endless content for your game through mods

Extend the life of your game with user-generated content

Supercharge your IP with a passionate modding community

It’s a new era for gaming. The era of
user-generated content (UGC, in short).
From skins to weapons to alternate
maps - in-game creators are a significant force of creativity, granting AAA titles endless gaming possibilities - hence almost infinite shelf life.

Game studios are already embracing the creativity of in-game creators as a vital component of the future of gaming.
Now it’s your turn.

Enjoy endless content and community engagement, without the overhead

Eternal SDK adds mods and user-generated content support to any game, in any platform, with no extra cost or hassle.
Now you can focus on creating great games, with the Eternal professionals taking care of moderation, monetization, community relation, payments to creators, and everything else.


Get Funded for Integrating Mods with Your Game

Overwolf's first ever UGC-dedicated fund offers $50M funding for studios who wish to integrate mods with their games and step into the Eternal realm.

If you are interested in Eternal SDK -
you may be eligible for funding.


Who we are

Monthly active gamers
in-game creators
Overwolf is the world’s leading platform for gaming UGC, including mods, apps and game servers. We’ve been supporting in-game creators for over 10 years, and currently empower over 165K in-game creators to turn their passion into a profession.

Eternal is Overwolf’s offering for game studios. Eternal SDK allows game developers to easily harness this incredible power of creativity and enhance the game - while rewarding modders for their hard work (over $160M earned by our in-game creators in 2022).

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